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OMD Consulting, a 360º Advisory Service

Quiénes somosIf you need all-round consultancy in tax, accounting, employment, corporate or business matters (or all of them), you’ve come to the right web-site.  You can obtain the backup you are looking for in each field, or in all of them, through our 360º Advisory Service.

Forget about having to look up and interpret laws or drawing up complex documents, we’ll do it for you and keep you fully informed.  In addition, we’ll give you immediate answers whenever you need them.

This you will obtain by having at your disposition a team of advisors who are specialised in the different disciplines and the technological resources for managing your business.

In just 9 years of operation we have worked with over 2,000 clients on both a national and international basis and we provide daily advice to more than 300. You too can be one of them and reap the benefit from our experience.

Technology at hands reach

Obtain complete, immediate advice with less possibility for error through the use of A3Software applied to:

  • Solutions for Tax and Accounting Matters
  • Solutions for Personnel Management
  • Solutions for Business Management
  • Solutions for Data Management
  • Solutions for Human Relations

We also provide advice on the computer software most suited to your business management. And if you have any queries on how to use it, we will help you to sort them out.

We also have standards to comply with

For your peace of mind, our processes are regulated under the ISO 9001:2000 quality standard, which guarantees our compliance with the highest quality and legal standards.

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