Tax and Accounting Advice

So that your figures add up correctly

We advise on and check your accounts so that everything adds up and we provide periodic reports: annual accounts, quarterly tax returns, and everything that takes your time away from running your business.

Modern business workflow

• Income Tax and Wealth Tax. Non-Resident Income Tax.

  • CorporationTax.
  • Value Added Tax.
  • Business Activities Tax.
  • Inheritance and Gift Tax.
  • Objective Tax Assessment based on Modules or Coefficients
  • Direct Assessment.
  • Withholdings, Partial Payments and Annual Tax Returns. Intrastat Statistics, for trade transactions with other EU member States.
  • Incorporation and Dissolution of:
    • Partnerships.
    • Joint Property Ownership
    • Nonprofit Organisations
    • Residents Associations.
  • Dealing with the Tax Authorities, Appeals and Deferment of Debts.
  • Tax Advice. International Taxation.
  • Financial and Investment Advice.
  • Advice, Implementation, Review and Arrangement of Accounting Systems.

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