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In the heart of the city of Marbella, OMD Consulting works to ensure the legal and fiscal performance of your business that will drive your growth

Based on rigour, foresight, adaptation and a global approach to each client, we seek maximum protection, security and legal opportunity for your business. Our multidisciplinary team of advisors offers you a 360º service in any tax, accounting, employment, corporate and strategy matter, fully scalable to the needs of your entity

Moreover, we are committed to integrating the best IT technologies into your business to boost or consolidate your digital transformation

4000 national and international clients already count on OMD Consulting to ensure their legality and expansion

Technology at your service

We take advantage of ultimate technologies to offer comprehensive, immediate, simple and seamless end-to-end consultancy. Thanks to the advanced A3Software, we accelerate and connect tax, accounting and data solutions, as well as employment, corporate and human relations management.

We also supply you with the IT technologies that best suit your business. We provide the best software programmes with technical support for any queries or shutdowns

Quality seal

We are accredited to ISO 2000, meeting the highest legislative and quality standards


Your success is our success

At OMD Consulting, we specialize in shaping a new business vision to help you grow.

We are economists, tax advisors, social graduates, auditors, consultants and IT specialists working to protect your business, share constructive synergies and keep abreast of the latest legal, corporate and technological developments

In addition, our partners network provides us with the necessary intelligence to respond to any of your needs

International Consultancy

Your global consultancy

If your business crosses borders, so do we. And if you need us to move to wherever you are, we’ll accompany you along the way

OMD Consulting is present in many European legal frameworks, and we also support companies in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela and Bolivia

Asesoría Internacional


Everything you need to know about the 347 tax form

Everything you need to know about the 347 tax form

Form 347 is an informative declaration that must be filed with the Tax Agency by individuals and legal entities that carry out an activity and carry out transactions with third parties that exceed certain economic limits (€3,005) during the tax year. This form is...

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